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"To say that Zach saved my life is an understatement. A year after surgery to repair 2 large (almost inoperable) rotator tendon tears, I was in pain 24/7. My pain level was always between a 7 and 10. I was taking Percocet almost every night in order to sleep 3 hours. The simplest tasks, cooking, writing on the blackboards were excruciating and the pain would be unbearable for 3 days no matter how much I iced. Realizing I was going to have to live with this pain for the rest of my life, I begged the doctor to help me with pain management. I was shocked when he recommended Zach and acupuncture, saying he refers his toughest cases in Pueblo to Zach.


I was skeptical to say the least at my first appointment. Zach’s professionalism and encouragement quickly put me at ease. After my first 20-minute appointment I was pain free for 2 hours for the first time in in almost a year and half. It took Zach 4 sessions to bring my pain level down to a 2.  Now when I overdo instead of being in horrendous pain for 3 days, I can sit and ice and the pain level lowers within 30 minutes.


How do I know it’s Zach’s treatments that have helped and not just time or exercises?  A few times a year I am forced to miss treatments for 2 weeks. By the end of those two weeks my pain level has begun to climb and I can’t sleep at night. 


Not all pain is chronic and needs regular treatments. Last year my sciatica was so bad I could barely walk and hadn’t slept in 3 nights. Zach did one treatment and the sciatic pain was gone and has not returned.


I now recommend acupuncture to anyone in pain. It is a painless, noninvasive treatment that works. It is the most relaxing 20 minutes of my week. Zach is my hero."


-Beth Zimmerman

"Zach has been a great addition to CSU-Pueblo football team. He has made my staff and players big believers of acupuncture. When I first asked Zach to try acupuncture on my players, he would come in and see 5 or 6 guys that were recovering from serious injuries. On his third year of working with us he was seeing 20-25 guys every day he came out. My players love getting acupuncture for various pain and injuries. Zach keeps my guys on the field, and helps them return as quickly as possible from serious injuries."



John Wristen, CSUP Head Football Coach




I first learned of White Crane Acupuncture, when Zach gave a talk to our senior citizens in a local high rise in 2007. I have always been interested in alternative medicines and have tried to be opened minded.  I saved his brochure for a future date.


In 2008, I was planning on taking my grandson to Kansas to visit relatives.  We were going by train.  A month before departure, my sciatic nerve in my left leg was acting up.  I have a herniated disc and stenosis of the spine.  I had endured epidural shots in my back in 1996 to take care of sciatic nerve pain.  


I did not want to do shots again, so I called Zach and set up an appointment at my home.  Zach listened to my complaints very patiently and stated that I would need three treatments.  So in May of 2008, I had my first treatment of acupuncture.  After Zach finished and had left, I couldn't believe how much better I felt with just that first treatment.  The second treatment, there was a little improvement.  But, with the 3rd treatment, my life greatly improved.  No sciatic pain.  No jumble of nerve pain.  I would be able to climb the stairs in the train.  So in June, my grandson and I left for Kansas and had a wonderful time.  No pain in the leg.  


Off and on for the next few years, I would have an acupuncture treatments when I would need it for my back or leg.


In 2014, I was faced to with having another steroid treatment in my neck and because of the new health care law, I was faced with having to jump through hoops that I felt was unnecessary.  I had two previous injections in the neck, but for a lot of reasons, I just didn't want to go that route this time.


I contacted Zach and started home treatment again.  I made a major decision, to keep acupuncture in my life because it has in the past worked so well for me.  I see Zach twice a month.  He started doing the neck, right shoulder, down the right arm, and into my right hand.  Took a couple of months, but I was right as rain, so to speak.  


As I am diabetic, steroids of any kind make my glucose go into dangerous numbers and after having a really bad time from a knee injection, I just don't want to do steroids again, if at all possible.  


In April, I started doing allergy treatments with Zach.  I am a firm believer that these treatments have helped with my allergies.  I am a work in process and know that acupuncture will be a part of my life for the rest of my life.  I know first hand how beneficial the acupuncture has been to me.  


I trust Zach suggestions and treatments.  I just can't believe how much  different my life is now.  


-Margeret Trejo

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