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Zach Gray M.Ac.O.M.,L.Ac. is a Colorado licensed and national board certified acupuncturist and herbalist. Zach received his master's degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine in Austin, Texas from the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin.


Being a Pueblo native, Zach grew up loving to play sports. His love for sports has made him somewhat of a pioneer in his community for integrating acupuncture into the treatment process for athletes suffering from pain, stress, injuries, and post-op rehabilitation. He has spent the last eight years working with the CSU-Pueblo football team. The coaches, trainers, and players have been pleased and surprised by the efficacy of acupuncture and have become Zach's biggest supporters. 


Zach has spent countless hours learning and refining his technique and improving the quality of his patient care from specialists, experts and Chinese master acupuncturists.  




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